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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 20, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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the entire name will come out at trial, but he is very much a part of the case. >> okay. sunny hostin, thank you so much. -- captions by vitac -- >r a and welcome coveringp covering a numco coveringp covering a numc d op of course, the south ca primaprimary beinp primapr for you. possible confidence crisis for mitt romney, and rick santorum needs a spare and talking about a tire here. time to play reporter roulette. i want to start with peter hanby in charleston, south carolina. talk to me about the romney camp managing the expectations going into tomorrow's primary. >> yes, after a week ago when they were up for ten points in the poll, they aare bracing fora
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second-place finish here which is not expected. last night, romney said it is a four-person race and we never expected to win here, and sure we could lose, but we will go down to florida to where we have a organization and a lot of support. and today, he told reporters that it was an uphill battle here, and echoing the line, and look, the romney campaign wants to win here. they are spending a lot of money on television ads and in the mail, and radio, and governor nikki haley is campaigning with mitt romney, but the people i have talked to expect this to be an extraordinarily tight race tomorrow night. internal polling shows it is going to come down to the wire. it could be gingrich and romney and you are looking at santorum in third place. obviously, things can change in rapidly in 24 hours as we know in the current political climate with cable news and internet driving a lotf of the discussion, but it could be a late night tomorrow, brooke.
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so it will be exciting for us. >> yes, we will be ready for it, and it is great for any political junkie, and as you know, we are houring away from when the polls open in south carolina. closing arguments and closing attacks here. talk to me about romney also opening up a new line of attack on newt gingrich today, and what is that about? >> well, romney has been thrown on the heels after rick perry is not in the race anymore, and speaker is called out to put his tax returns out so that republican voters can see what is in there before he is a nominee if there are any problems. romney says, look, i will put them out in april as other candidates have, but they are throwing it out in gingrich's face and saying you were fined by the ethics committee in the house, and why don't you put out the details of that? and he says it is the part of the congressional record and go to the library of congress and you can see for yourself, and romney says, no we want all of the documents in the ethics
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investigation in the '90s and that is not going to happen before the people go to the polls, but you can see that they are trying to soften up gingrich here as he is surging in the polls. >> peter hanby, thank you. we want to uk about the a rick santorum, because he is making a last-minute push from the rivals, and i want to go to dana bash who is on the road to charleston, south carolina, and i know you are on the phone, dana, and because santorum is running late, because his daughter, daughter got a flat tire? >> reporter: two, brooke. two flat tires, and everybody is okay, but rick santorum already a harried day of the last day of campaigning is very late, and very delayed. that is why we are on the phone,s and i apologize for that, but what is interesting is to hear his final pitch this morning, brooke, because you hear peter talk about the fact that it seems that newt gingrich and mitt romney are vying for number one and two, but it is almost as if that does not
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include in the rick santorum world, because he is hitting the idea that he is the reliable conservative in this race. don't listen to the polls or people who say that i'm not electable effectively, and he told people -- literally told people to go out the put bumper stickers on the car just for today. listen to this. >> do not compromise. lead. you want to be first in the south, lead. do your part. help us out. take a bumper sticker, and heck, you only have to put it on for 24 hour, and it will come right out after 24 hours and take the yard sign, and do your part, but get on the phone and talk to your friends. >> and he also made an interesting rather lengthy analogy for metaphor talking about the fact that the campaign is like goalie locks and he says one candidate that is too hot, and that he is there talking about nult gingrich sewt gingri
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don't know what you will get like the debate, and one candidate who is too cold talking about mitt romney, too stand offish and flip-flopping and you can guess who he suggests is the candidate just right. >> yes. rick santorum and the closing arguments that he is just right, and the reliable conservative. dana bash, we thank you on the phone and we will take you when we can get you. switching gears from politics to afghanistan. pete walsh is in kabul for us. we know the story and sad story, six u.s. troops killed in the helicopter crash in the helmand province. nick, talk to me about where this exactly happened. and the northern part and i understand from the isaf official there were mechanical issues that caused this hard landing. and six u.s. marines were involved in that violent crash,
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and they were trying to push back the taliban and they are also in one of the main drug-cultivating parts of the country, and the taliban put out text messages claiming they shot down the helicopter, but isaf is denying that. they say that this is some part of new tactical success here, but it is enormously denied by isaf here, and it is to remind the insurgents of what kicked out the soviet occupation here which was hobbled by this missiles and the -- [ inaudible ] and today, it appears that it is a mechanical issue, and a tragic loss of live of the six marines, brooke. >> following the shooting of soldiers in a military base that are supposed to be by our side, the french, as well? >> yes.
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there were soldiers who were killed who were training in a place north of kabul who were not armed, because the afghans were training to be allies and training to be no threat. this has caused french president nicolas sarkozy to suggest that perhaps he would pull out the french troops here ahead of the currently advertised date. he is sending investigators here to investigate. the 4,000 french troops are not significant in the number, but symbolism, because they are a big contributor to the coalition, and the u.s. is the biggest weight lifter here, but they need to call themselves a coalition, to have these other elements on board, and the french are helpful in the training, but the early departure could see a sign of the alliance starting to crumble. brooke. >> thank you, nick paton-walsh. we are getting new video of cruise members telling passengers on that wrecked
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cruise ship to go back to the cabins. the reasons are stunning. and plus, a man accused d killing a little girl, and his confession, and then found dead in his prison cell. we do know this. >> in a couple of hours he knows they will come in and poke around on him and it will hurt. he lives for that moment. >> his family is fighting cancer, and they are selling something of his to help. what is it? stay right here. great guest experience. that makes my day. and during the four course feast, there's so much to choose from. [ male announcer ] the four course seafood feast is back at red lobster. still just $15. get soup, salad, unlimited cheddar bay biscuits, dessert, and your choice of 7 entrées, like new honey bbq shrimp skewers or shrimp and scallops alfredo. all four courses, just $15.
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it is interesting an happening right now, you are about to see it. "rapid fire" and we begin in hollywood. the man whose body parts were found near the iconic signed in hollywood has been identified, but for security reasons, police are not releasing his name. remember that a dog walker found the man's severed head in a bag on tuesday and then his hands and feet were found in a massive search in the hollywood hills later on in the week. italian authority trying to figure out when to call off the s search for survivors on the concordia. cnn obtained this video here and this is going to show the fateful moment before the ship capsizes. listen to this. this is a crew member who is speaking in italian, but she is telling people to remain calm, and go back to their cabins. [ speaking foreign language ]
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and her voice has been the backdrop of weddings to many a first dance for generations -- ♪ >> etta james known for the song "at last" has died at age 73 with complications off leukemia. she was diagnosed a year ago and she died in a hospital at california with her husband and sons at her side. and now the occupy movement is turning its attention on the supreme court. they are calling it "occupy the
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court." this is outside of the supreme court today in washington. it is meant to coincide with the controversial decision to remove limitations on political campaigns, and protesters were gathering at several courthouses across the nation. and this is a heartbreaking one. a mother and baby in oregon drowned after water swept away their car. the car was in a parking lot when the floodwaters up and carried the car away. a 3-year-old boy with cancer is painting. his parents are actioning the art to pay for the medical bills. liam has a tumor on his kidney. he had a bone marrow transplant, and his mom said that painting helps him to forget about the pain. >> he does not care about what is going to happen in ten minutes from now, but that moment like when he was painting with you. that is all he cared about. that and the fact that in another couple of hours they
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will come in and poke around on him, and it is going to hurt. he lives for that moment. >> his medical bills are more than half a millio yolion dolla you can go to facebook and search mishg hel boy for a cure "team liam." and we now talk weather. we have chad myers and we will talk about chicago, and listen to this, guy, none too pleased in the windy city. >> canceled all of my plan, and that is how concerned i am. all right. last february when we had 20 inches of snow, i don't want to go through that again, and that is the one thing i missed working in 20 years, so, i don't like the weather anymore, no. i have lived here all of my life, and i don't like the weather anymore. >> he says a lot. [ laughter ] >> life in chicago, i'm done. i don't like it. >> well, florida is so popular with retired folks. >> how much snow in chicago?
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>> 2 to 3 1inches or maybe more on the southside. it is going to be snowing in the city by tomorrow. >> how much? >> a good three inches on the ground, but it is saturday, so that is okay. you don't mind if it snows in the city. >> you don't have to get to work, not everyone. >> well, you can get the skis out, but still a chps ance of 2 3 on to of that, so 3-6 is better. 4-6 in ohio as well, and slide you off to the east and the poconos and the alleghenys and 4-6 towards somerset go skiing with 6-10 new snow, and they have had a dreadful year of snow for the northeast when it comes to the ski resorts, so they will take fresh new powder when mother nature makes it. >> and good weather in south carolina? because i can't stop thinking about the primary. >> well, there could be severe weather. one with the warm front early around noon and another round at 7:00 p.m., so all of the crews
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know this that there could be lightning in the air and satellite trucks and lightning don't go well together. >> and we are thinking of the voter turnout. and now the feds are busting this website for illegally sharing movies, tv shows, and video games and in retaliation, the hacking group anonymous hacked government sites. amber lyon is talking about the man behind the mask.
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ap nonmouse anonymous strikes again and the fbi doesn't think it is funny. they have shut down sites at the justice department, and many
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other sites. amber lyons has access to the group calling themselves anonymous and talks about this recent attack. >> hello. we are anonymous. >> reporter: the man in the mask has stepped forward and spoken to cnn on behalf of anonymous, and while anonymous is more of an idea than an actual group and tough to get a handle on, we have been able to determine that this man is in the middle of the action. and he says, it's the department of justice going to shut down sites, they are going to shut down the doj. >> that is a violation of the freedom of speech. >> and anonwymous who calls themselves, they say that the last legislation was the straw that broke the camel's back. they want to stop the act or sof ash so
3:20 pm
sofa. >> it is a big part of the picture that's taking place. >> the justice department says it targeted mega as an illegal hub for copyrighted tv shows, and images and computer software and video games saying that the site generated more than $175 million in illegal proceeds. >> they were simply providing a service for people to upload files to. >> reporter: and right after they arrested mega upload founders, there was a virtual protest. a favorite weapon for these kinds of attacks is what is called a distributed denial of service or ddos attack which direct directs the flood of traffic to a website temporarily crashing the servers. it doesn't actually involve any hacking or security breaches and the attacks worked. the department of justice and fbi web sites went down. how long did it take for the department of justice's website to go down?
3:21 pm
h. >> 7 or 8 minutes. not even. >> seven minutes? >> i would say seven. >> for some of us that is shocking. >> reporter: anonymous tells cnn they attacked entertainment web sites like the motion picture association of america and universal music. a non-safe software like lolic gives average joes who are not computer savvy, the ability to ddos attack from the living room. >> some people consider anonymo anonymous, hackers on steroids and others call you terrorists, and you are laughing at this and i can see it through the mask. what are you laughing at? >> well, it is a vast number of people involved in anonymous, and also don't have any programming skills whatsoever, and i would not consider myself a hacker. >> and they say that this online protest is one of the largest. and to expect more. amber lyon, cnn, los angeles.
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amber, thank you. it is now down to the wire. this time tomorrow voters will have their say in south carolina, but as newt gingrich has been riding a wave, he is saving a hurdle with a certain group of voters and tell us why. by now you think that romney has a stock answer when it comes to the tax returns, nope. why the waffling? gloria borger is standing by in charleston, and she is next. saving a hurdle with a certain
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all right. you know this by now, south carolina primary tomorrow, and it is getting interesting and closer and fascinating.
3:25 pm
you want to talk interesting? take a listen to the start of the cnn debate last night, as the question to newt gingrich from cnn's john king about mrs. gingrich number two. marianne there in beige standing by her man in 1987. take a listen. >> as you know your ex-wife gave an interview with the abc news and the "washington post" and this story has gone viral on the intern internet. in it she says that you came to her in 1999 at a time you were having an affair and she asked you, sir, about entering an open marriage. would you like to take time to respond to that? >> no, but i will. [ applause ] i think that the destructive vicious nature of much of the news media makes it harder to govern this country, harder to
3:26 pm
attract decent people to run for public office and i'm appalled that you would begin a presidential debate on a topic like that. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. gloria borger, you are still there in charleston, our scheef political analyst here, and you heard newt's response and score one for the former speaker? >> yeah. well, i think that it played well inside. first of all, brooke, i want to tell you that we are at the gorgeous college of charleston and makes you want to go back to school again, to tell you the truth, but on to newt gingrich. i think that, he kind of knocked it out of the park with the audience last night. you saw the kind of ovation that he received, and it is always a good political strategy when you are in a republican primary to deflect a problem that you might have and blame it on the media which is exactly what he did.
3:27 pm
however, that is a good short-term strategy. the question is whether it is actually a good long-term strategy with newt gingrich, because i think that the notion of free marriages, and this question of what marianne gingrich was saying about a open marriage, and how that plays with women, and newt gingrich in this state of south carolina has a real gender gap. >> why? >> well, we have not polled specifically on this whole controversy, but before this controversy erupted, i can tell you that newt gingrich does twice as well with men as he does with women. >> huh. >> now, mitt romney has the opposite problem i should add. he does really well with women, and not as well with men. so, newt gingrich needs to get more women voting for him, and mitt romney needs more men voting for him. so that's kind of where the race is right now. >> so, let me though speaking of
3:28 pm
the race and when you look here at the margin now, and in the latest poll between gingrich and romney, it is closer. let's war game this a little bit. what happens if newt gingrich wins? >> well, then we have a really, really interesting race on our hands, don't we? it will be interest, because given the recent results in iowa, you will have had somebody different winning iowa, new hampshire and south carolina, should newt gingrich win here, and i don't know when the last time that was when that happened, so it is kind of history making. so what that means is that you go on to the state of florida. when you talk to the romney people, they will tell you, we are the obl campaign that is in it for the long haul should this take a long haul, and they say they fully expect it to. i mean, they are sort of to dda
3:29 pm
downplaying the expectations, and saying that south carolina could be a blip, which means maybe a loss, and they would take it to florida which is a very large state, and very diverse and takes an awful lot of money to win in a state like florida. so, they say, you know, we are in it for the long haul and dividing up all of the delegates, and we are the only ones who can finance that kind of a run, but you know what, overnight is a lifetime in politics. we have seen what has happened here in south carolina, and you don't know what is going to happen when you gone on the florida and then after florida, i just happen to have my list, nevada, colorado, minnesota, arizona, and mitt romney has been very conservative on immigration, and michigan, and home state, and on and on. >> okay. before i let you go though, we have talked about gingrich and romney and what about rick santorum other than the fact that his daughter had two flat
3:30 pm
tires and he is running late to events according today na bas i bash. and he came right out to say things that he is known for saying, and here he is, rick santorum. >> these are not cogent thoughts. let's just be honest. newt's a friend and i love him, but at times, he just has got sort of that worrisome moment that something is going to pop. we can't afford that ananomaly. >> and did that hurt? >> well, yes, it did. i asked santorum after the debate, what did you mean by that? and it was clear to me that he was saying that this is a person who is undisciplined and as the romney campaign keeps saying,
3:31 pm
unreliable. i asked if that meant that as president newt gingrich would be erratic, and he kind of danced around that a little bit, but i think that the answer he would give you is yes. i think that what he is trying to say to people is that newt gingrich was controversial when he was speaker of the house, and after four years the republicans tried to dethrone him, and he is saying, look, this is a controversial guy. i'm afraid if he gets into the general election, you will never know what is going to come out of his mouth, and that is why you should go for rick santorum, and he had a very, very good debate last night. i would argue the best debate he has had this season. >> and there ayou are in south carolina for tonight, and then you are to come back. >> i like it here though. >> i do, too, actually. and tomorrow night, complete coverage of the south carolina primary and covering it like we
3:32 pm
can here only on cnn. now this -- >> i was so terrify and scared that, i wanted to go home the tell her mom or dad on me. >> that man whose voice you just heard brutally killed a little girl. two days after apologizing in court, guards found him dead inside of his prison cell, and the authorities were tight-lipped about what happened until now. >> plus, a receptionist fired for skipping her lunch break. yep, skipping her lunch break. well, she just found out whether or not she won the lawsuit. joe jackson is on the case, and he is next. and how much the people in your life count on you. that's why we offer accident forgiveness, where your price won't increase due to your first accident. we also offer a hassle-free lifetime repair guarantee, where the repairs made on your car
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with all of the stories in the news cycle, i know it takes
3:35 pm
a while to sort of shock us anymore, but this latest development in a suburban atlanta case shocked us. this man stood up in court this past tuesday told the child's parents that he is sorry for brutally killing their 7-year-old daughter. he is now dead. police say that ryan brunn's autopsy says he hung himself with his sweatshirt. joey jackson is on the case. the first thing i saw when i saw this news come down is why wasn't he on suicide watch? >> yes, there could be civil liability. it is hard to feel sorry for him, and you look at what happened to the 7-year-old victim, and that is where the emphasis needs to be, hitting her over the head, and then throwing her body away like trash and then going out with
3:36 pm
your roommates to smoke pot, and party all night is gross conduct, but there could be some civil liability here, brooke, and you could have the municipality or the jail involved in a wrongful death suit, and the family could go after the negligence of the jail. not saying that is the case, but if somebody is to be on suicide watch, it is the jail's responsibility to protect him. so despite the actions, his family could come out here making money, and it is shameless. >> i won en dder if the family could do anything, because he was sentenced to life, so at least come out with that, but at least nothing will bring the girl back. second case, this one had thrown us for a little bit of a loop, joey. a chicago woman got fired for eating her lunch at her desk which we are joking that we do here at cnn everyday and never a moment to really get up, but this week, this woman won a 2-year battle to get unemployment benefits, and come
3:37 pm
on, legal to be fired for eating at your desk? there has to be more to the story? >> absolutely not. listen, i think that she has a lot of fort tide aitude and a l attorneys would not take the case because it is a freedom at will state, and in illinois you can be fired for no reason or any reason, and you have to think that somebody eating lunch and working through the lunch break in order to serve the interest of the employer to be fired for that sounds like something called pretext. what that means is that we want the fire you anyway so we will think of a reason to do so, and so now not only is she fired, but a denialf of the unemployment benefits and the great story is that she took them on and took them on alone and in regard to the job, it is hers and ton employment benefits she got them, and it is all good. >> could she turn around to sue the employer? >> oh, absolutely. listen, what happens is that not withstanding the fact that it is employment at will which means that you could be hired or fired
3:38 pm
for any reason as long as it is not discriminatory, the reality is that there has to be some type of policies and procedures, andb when you go and act -- the real issue here is insubordination, because they were couching the dismissal on that she was insubordinate, and we needed her to take a break and we have laws that say that you need to break and if you don't, we could be held accountable, because we didn't pay you properly, nonsense. reality, they wanted her gone, and they used it as a basis to do so and as a result of that, she has a cause of action, and so i think that she's a strong woman, a good woman, and with a bright future, and what is even sadder about it, brooke, she has a stroke in this time, and loses all of the weight at this time, and on the verge of bankruptcy, and ges what, the courts which stand for justice served her right. >> joey jackson, thank you. nice to meet you. come back any time. >> pleasure, brooke. thank you. now, this.
3:39 pm
>> this sport is very dangerous, but you know that she is god at what she does, and it is shocking. >> a popular, extreme daredevil skier dies after a tragic fall. you will hear sarah burke's chilling words about her love life and what she and her skier husband said they would die. and then someone drops off a baby at the step of an orphanage after the little girl loses a leg in a fire. what happens next? dr. sanjay gupta has the story. don't miss this one next. that was me trying to be discreet with my vial and syringe. me, drawing my insulin dose. and me the day i discovered novolog flexpen. flexpen is pre-filled with your mealtime insulin. dial the exact dose, inject by pushing a button. no vials, syringes or coolers to carry. flexpen is insulin delivery my way.
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how about this story. someone drops off a baby at an orphanage, somebody who has lost a leg in a fire, and now years later, she is taking the world by storm. dr. sanjay gupta has the story. >> reporter: on a hot los angeles day, you will find scout bassett outside on the roof of the apartment building logging miles on the bike. she is a dedicated multisport athlete, but take a closer look. scout has run marathons and raced triathlons all with one leg. >> this has been very good to me. it has gone a lot of long miles.
3:43 pm
>> reporter: she lost her leg when she was a baby and the beginning of a difficult childhood. >> i was burned in a fire in china, and when i turned 1-year-old, i was placed on the streets in front of the government orphanage. when i came here to the u.s., i was 7 years old and weighed 22 pounds. >> reporter: scout had never left the orphanage before being adopted and overnight she found herself with a new family in a new country surrounded by strangers an unable to speak any english. >> everybody just looking at you and wanting to know what is going on, who you are, where you come from, and i mean, it is like, i'm not even sure what is happening to me, and how i am i supposed to explain that to you. >> reporter: exercise became a refuge, and she saw other paraathletes race a triathlon with the foundation. >> being able to see that was something that changed my life forever, seeing what was possible out there.
3:44 pm
>> reporter: she started to race triathlons herself, swimming without any artificial leg, because it would weigh her down. and switching into a leg with a foot made into a bike cleat and then switching again to an artificial running leg for the end of the race. >> race by race, training day by training day, i started to gain this confidence that i really had lacked for much of my life. and it became i became just this person who really believed in myself for the first time. >> reporter: and she has no plans of slowing down. dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. sanjay, thank you with that great story. this next one is tragic all of the way around. she was too young. talking about sarah burke, young and vibrant and at the top the game in every way. a champion free style skier who won four gold medals at the x games. she died in training yesterday. she was a pioneer bringing women
3:45 pm
to free style skiing as well as bringing free style skiing to the 2014 olympics, but most of all, she was one half of a fantastic love story, as you will see in the ski channel film about burke and her skier husband rory bushfield. >> that is where we are the happiest, and that is how we met, on the moup tntain, whethet is an x games contest or rory is out there doing a heli contest. it is where we met, play and live. >> hopefully where we die. >> hopefully where we'll die. >> burke was 29 years old. she had been training on the super pipe here, and this one in park city, utah, when she fell doing a trick. her heart stopped causing irreversible brain damage. her family says in a statement, before her death, burke talked about the dangers of her sport with bbc radio. >> everything that you see is well calculated i would hope
3:46 pm
from any athlete, but it is risky and a tough sport on the body. you will take a lot of crashes learn learning and perfecting things. >> the website has now been set up to raise money necessary to pay for her $550,000 medical bills. and the next time you eat chocolate, think of this. a young boy works brutal days for food and the shirt on his back and no money and he has never eaten chocolate in miz life. >> reporter: his legs bear machete scars from hours of clearing the bush. the emotional scars are much deeper. >> this young boy is a child slave and cnn special investigation reveals how he got here, and what is being done to get him out. what ? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it ? hello ? hello ?!
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if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello ? ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
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a man woke up in south carolina and somehow poof like magic, you are here in atlanta. nice to see you. >> a lot of music coming up in the "situation room" today. you would love the music, too. >> we were just singing in the commercial. >> al green. >> it is horrible. oh, stop. i don't want you to do this. >> a lot of singing. >> and the president was doing -- >> and herman cain today. >> and life is good. >> huge night last night. >> big debate and you watched? >> yes, watch and tweeting. always. >> you watched and tweeted.
3:50 pm
>> always, always. >> i like to watch and absorb it and study it. you are multitasking. >> i can't help it. who do you have coming up next? >> well, two hours of a lot of politics. but we won't do just politics, but other news as well. arwa damon is in syria right now, and i want to talk to her to see what is going on over there. a lot of the viewers are watching what is going on and sensitive moment, and look at what happened in afghanistan. do you realize that america still has troops over there, and how much is it costing american taxpayers to stay in afghanistan? >> how much? >> $2 billion. >> every week. >> not million, but $2 billion, and people are wondering if that is money well spent or not so well spent and what is going on? sarkozy wants to get the french out of there. >> well, it is the whole afghan soldier violence that people are worried about. we will see you in ten minutes, and i will see you all night
3:51 pm
long. >> and you have rehearsals coming up, because you are part of the coverage tomorrow night. >> thrilled. see you then, friend. all right. this is a tragic story. americans, and i know i'm included and perhaps you like chocolate as well, but we eat 11 pounds of chocolate per year, but do you know where it comes from? the cocoa industry employs children in the slave camps across africa and cnn can only take you inside. this is part of the freedom project documentary and it is called "chocolate child slaves." >> reporter: on on this farm, we find this young man who survived weeks of work. he is just 10. he earns no wages for his work, he says, just food, and the occasional tip from the owner and the torn clothes on his back. put in the simplest of terms,
3:52 pm
abdul is a child slave. we move away from the group so he can speak more freely, and through our translator, he tells us his story. >> if he had a choice he would not work. >> reporter: he says when his father died, a stranger brought him to the ivory coast. abdul has never eaten chocolate. he tells us that he doesn't even know what cocoa is for. we met this boy on the same farm, also from the same town. my mother brought me when my father died, he tells us. he insist s s he is 16, but he looks much younger. his legs bear machete scars from hours of clearing the bushes, and the emotional scars seem
3:53 pm
much deeper. i wish i could just go the school, he says, to learn to read and write. but yaku says he has never spent a day in school. >> david mckenzie there, and you can learn more about the freedom project and what you can do to end child slavery and chocolate. go to cnn freedom project. and folks, something is in the air. watch this. ♪ this little light of mine ♪ if you believe >> why these guys are ul a singing today. that is next, but first, a quick look at behind the scenes of how we put the show together. you asked us weeks via twitter of week winddown. alicia wants to know who picks the music that you go to break to. who picks the music that we pick to go to break. and ta-da. this is roger by the way.
3:54 pm
with cnn for how many years? >> 32. >> and he is the guitarist and bassist of the band india five. >> thanks for the plug. i don't have homework today. it's what's right here is what is most important to me. it's beautiful. ♪ ♪
3:55 pm
james brown, the jackson 5,
3:56 pm
and aretha franklin and al green have all sung at the historic apollo theater in harlem and now you can add the president to that list. >> to know that reverend al green was here. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ i'm so in love with you ♪ [ applause ] >> not too bad, mr. president. even his communications director was surprised. he tweeted this. quote, i have worked with president obama for five years and until last night i had no idea he could sing. well, now we all do. and it is getting down right surreal in south carolina hours before the polls open there, and one of the big reasons is stephen colbert blurring the line between politics and satire. and he held a rally in charleston urging people to vote
3:57 pm
for herman cain, but cain dropped out of the race in december, so what is colbert up to here? joe johns is standing by in orangeburg, south carolina, and we know that he said that colbert said that a vote for herman cain is a vote for him or something like that. am i -- is that right? >> yes, i know. it is so confusing. okay. but the bottom line is that we do know that colbert is considering a run for president of the united states of south carolina. the problem is that he started to talk about this way too late. his name is not on the ballot. now, her man cain's name is on the ballot, so what colbert is basically saying is, hey, if you vote for herman cain, then you are actually voting for colbert. got it? it is that simple. i think. >> yes. >> and cain is not on the ballot, because he suspended -- >> but then cain came forward and said don't vote for me, but please vote for somebody else,
3:58 pm
because every vote counts. and seems that colbert is trying to make a bigger point. here is what he said. >> we must not go back to the dark days when we discriminated towards corporate persons based on the color of the skin or because they didn't have skin or a head or a face. and if you share that belief, then tomorrow, you have no choice but to vote for herman cain. >> it seems like, i don't know, part of the point of the whole like -- i hear you laughing, the pseudo campaign and pointing out the role that big, big money plays in the elections. >> well, absolute ly. it is very, very silly, but when you think about it, he has been making this point for quite some time and it is about super pacs and corporations and the amount of unlimited many knee they c-- can put into campaigns because of the court decisions. so he has been pointing this out as we go along, and there has always been a sort of method to the madness, if you will, and
3:59 pm
sort of the latest it ration of that was when he transferred control of his own super pac to john s jon stewart. so big laugh, but america, i think is getting the point, because without this, a lot of people would have never understood what the whole meaning of super pacs really was, brooke. >> yes, i was talking to an associate professor at the college of charleston, and she said, yes, brooke, these students get their news from comedy central, and i asked her about that, and she said, at least they are learning about the process, but in iowa we saw that every vote counts, and with me, joe johns, 30 seconds, colbert could affect the outcome of the primary partially? >> well, it is an interesting question, but i have talked around to people here on the ground in south carolina. republicans really don't think he is going to have any great measure of effect in the primary, although the republicans have been suggesting that democrats ought to


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